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Jeffrey Court Week 5

Since all the walls were finished, it was time for the shower pan tile. I chose this gorgeous tile from Jeffrey Court that I knew would play beautifully with the granite on my vanity (also bought from Home Depot and arrived so quickly).

For the shower pan, I started by placing the shower drain on the tiles and marking the 4 mosaic tiles around it with my FrogTape. I cut those lines with my wet saw and then dry fit those around the drain. Then I laid those sheets until the whole shower pan was covered. I marked there to cut the edges of the sheets on the ends and cut those on the wet saw too. My pan didn’t quite fit whole sheets so I also pulled off a handful of individual tiles and used those like puzzles pieces when finally laying the shower pan tile. I also glued in the drain with mortar.

Then it was time to finish the gold/marble mosaic tile on the rest of the floor. This went super quickly because I’d already laid most of it. My favorite part about this mosaic is that you can’t see the individual sheets. Did I mention that’s a pet peeve of mine?

The last thing this week was installing the vanity. I had to cut out a little bit of the back and bottom because our supply lines are coming from the floor but my sister and I were able to lift it into place and then Tim and I glued the granite top down with KerdiFix adhesive. I had installed the two faucets onto the granite while it was sitting on my bed and it was a zillion times easier than reaching under a sink! Highly recommend!

We’re coming into the final stretch, people! Paint, caulk, fixtures, THE CEILING, lights, it’s all coming next week!!!

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