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Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge - Week 2

Demo and MOLD

We just wrapped up week two and yikes! Still so much to do! We finally demoed EVERYTHING. First the tile in the shower had to come down. I could see a little mold near the shower head but look what we saw when we removed the tile!

Can you believe it?! There was even mold on the insulation between the joists. I can’t believe we’ve showered in here each day for two months! That couldn’t have been good for our lungs! Anyways, we removed everything that had mold and then quickly went to Home Depot for some Mold Control. Spray that liberally on anything that looks remotely moldy. Once it’s dry, prime with a shellac or oil-based primer. I like CoverStain and Bullseye. We also demoed the floor, tub, vanity, mirror, and toilet. Basically the whole bathroom is just empty.

The good news is that my purchases have started to roll in. The tile got delivered this week along with faucets, and the tub and vanity should be here next week!

Next up is laying the cement board on the floor, blocking out the shower curb and prepping for floor tile. We’ll be laying the floor tile first so we can add the vanity and toilet back in quickly. That way we can have a semi-functional bathroom while we tile the shower and start doing all the pretty stuff!

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