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Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge - Fall 2021 - Week 1


I was soooo excited to be picked to be a designer for the Jeffery Court Renovation Challenge this season! I knew exactly which room in our new 1988 fixer upper needed to be updated: our master bathroom. We were fairly certain the shower was leaking (and could see it had been repaired at least twice), the toilet was cracked, the wallpaper was peeling and the vanity had the tiniest drawers I’ve EVER seen. I think every room should be beautiful AND functional and I was so ready to tackle this one!

First up, removing peeling wallpaper. Of course, I found mold and roach droppings when I started removing the wallpaper. So gross. The good thing is, this Wagner steamer made the wallpaper removal a breeze! Just plug it in and when it starts steaming, just hold it to the wallpaper and then start peeling after about 10 seconds. I made quick work of the top layer of wallpaper. The first layer of wallpaper was actually perfectly flat and already primed over so I think I’ll just paint over it. We’ll see.

I also removed the old trimaround the two windows and replaced it with custom Craftsman trim. I bought pre-primed boards at Home Depot and the cost was about $25 a window. Here’s the design I chose.

Since we only have two bathrooms, I’m trying to leave this bathroom usable for as long as possible. Next up will be demoing the tub and mirror and moving around the lighting! Tune in next week to see my mood board and tile choices!

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