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Jeffrey Court Challenge REVEAL


I’ve poured my heart and soul into this bathroom over the past 42 days and I CANNOT believe how it turned out!!!

This week was all about finishing touches. Everything got a fresh coat of paint (Chantilly Lace in satin sheen).

Then it was time to hide the stippled ceiling texture. I bought 18 pre-primed shiplap boards and painted them with two coats of the same Chantilly Lace. First, we marked all the joists in the ceiling. We found them with our stud finder, and marked with a sharpie. Then I started on the tub wall and measured out a long cut to make room against the tile of the shower. I cut the first board to length and a nailed to the marked joists using my brad nailer. If you angle the nails into the joists, there is no need for glue/construction adhesive. Hooray!

I continued adding shiplap using a jigsaw to cut around the light fixture boxes and vents. Once all the shiplap was up, I adding 5/8” quarter round around the perimeter. Then I filled the nail holes with caulk and painted a final coat of Chantilly Lace.

I added the new capiz chandelier over the tub. It was an Amazon find and so much less than other ones I saw. I had to assemble it but it was still worth it!

Next up was baseboards: 5.5” pvc boards (completely waterproof).

Now for the shower, we had two options: custom shower glass or a shower curtain. We priced out shower glass and the price was about $1600-$1900 for frameless shower glass. We may do that eventually but their lead time didn’t work for this challenge. So I decided to make a copper shower rod that hung from the ceiling. Copper cuts easily with a manual pipe cutter and glues up with e6000. I sprayed painted two iron flanges to match the copper pipe and mounted those to the shiplap ceiling. An extra long shower curtain completed the look.

Last step was some floating shelves over the toilet nook. I chose 1x6 red oak and cut to length. Since the nook had 3 walls, I installed each shelf using Kreg jig angled holes. This enabled me to install each shelf into 3 studs and completely hide any screws!

I hit up Target and Goodwill for some decor and then we were done!

So so proud of how this room turned out!

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