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$40 DIY Herringbone Accent Wall

Want to make a huge impact for not a lot of money?! This Herringbone Accent Wall is the perfect solution. By using cheaper pieces of lumber (called furring strips) and a few tools, you can make the accent wall of your dreams.


-1x3 furring strips (I used 6) - $12

-1x2 furring strips (I used 14) - $18

Liquid Nails Project Adhesive (x2) - $4

DAP Alex Caulk (x2) - $4

You will also need:




Nail gun

2 inch brad nails

Saw (miter saw or handsaw)

Caulk gun

Note: furring strips are very cheap cuts of lumber. Choose the straightest pieces that you can.

Step 1:

Sand all your furrings strips. I sanded the sides and one top (I picked the ugliest side to be the back and made a mark on it so I wouldn't waste my time sanding the back). See the difference sanding makes?

Step 2:

Spread out your 1x3s evenly across the wall and cut to fit. (Don't assume your wall is level the entire length - measure and cut each 1x3 to fit the space.) Spread a thin line of Liquid Nails using your caulk gun and attach each 1x3 to the wall using 2 inch brad nails.

Step 3:

To get the angle for your herringbone pieces, lay a 1x2 across two of the 1x3s on the wall at the desired angle (eyeball it!) and mark the angles with a pencil. Cut each end with a saw along your pencil marks. Adjust as needed and then cut each 1x2 with the same angles. Attach them to the wall with liquid nails and brad nails.

Step 4:

Caulk EVERYWHERE. At each joint, at every seam, where each piece of board meets the wall. Everywhere.

Step 5:

Prime and paint and you're done!

This was such a fun project and made such a huge impact to our basement office. Now all my Zoom calls have a fancy backdrop!

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